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Hundreds of people in Singapore

have no place to call a home.


This is a shocking fact for most Singaporeans who are unaware of the poverty that exists in their own backyard. Many come from broken families and poor backgrounds, and have fallen through the cracks of society. 


They are seen out on the streets at night, but yet not heard. Their stories and

daily struggles are unknown to most Singaporeans. But God knows. 





To see Singapore’s displaced walking in restored identity & relationships.




To catalyze lasting restoration in the desolate through frontline outreach, authentic family relationships, and personalized guidance.



Trolley Ministry serves the homeless in the city of Singapore.

We aim to be a safe family environment for the homeless to know their value as an individual, learn about family relationships and be empowered to make changes. We are committed to walk alongside them in their journeys of healing and transformation.


We help the homeless restore their hope through reconciliation and forgiveness, establishing healthy relationships and foundations with them, individual guidance, teaching, counseling and long-term development goals. 


Nearing Christmas day of 2011, Reg experienced the unpleasant feeling of being left out of her friends' Christmas parties. Out of that experience, Reg thought about the poor and needy around her; what it's like for the homeless to feel left alone by friends and family. 


Reg and her 3 friends decided to bring the spirit of Christmas to them. With gifts packed into a small trolley, they walked the city centre streets on Christmas night.


Initially they saw just a handful of old men and women sleeping in void decks. But when they reached a wholesale market, they were shocked to find rows and rows of people sleeping on cardboard and wooden crates, both inside and outside. There were elderly divorced men awaiting their rental flats, a pregnant 20-year-old unwed mother smoking her stress away, a young divorced man with his hungry 9 year-old son - Reg and her friends' hearts could not ignore them. 


They found 50 homeless people that Christmas night, and the 12 gift packs in the single trolley was not enough. They promised the homeless that they would be back and it was the beginning of an unlikely friendship with those living on the streets.




We run a quarterly Volunteer Information Evening that allows individuals to know more about volunteering opportunities and how to get involved. This is where we begin to walk each person through the volunteer selection and allocation process. 

Our upcoming Volunteer Information Evening will be :

Date: 8th July 2019, Monday

Time: 7.30 - 9.30 PM

Venue : 12 Aljunied Road, KH Plaza,

#05-01, S(389801)

To register, please email us at: [email protected]


Volunteer team: 

  • Part - time volunteers  

 Admin (Database/Reports) , Food and Logistics, Simple Helps, Communications (Weekly updates, Fund-Raising) 

(Minimum commitment : 6months. Minimum frequency: Twice a month).

  • Street Team volunteers 

Visiting the homeless on the streets

(Minimum commitment: 6 months. Minimum frequency: Twice a month)


  • Individual Internship Program (1-6 months) 

  • Short- team outreach teams (1 week - 1 month) 

All internship and short-term outreach opportunities will have tailored training, specific programs and hours that suit different individuals and outreach teams. We take time to listen and craft out a tailored experience for each individual and outreach team. 


  • Minimum commitment of 2 years

  • Must have the support/character reference of a church/organization leader. 


[email protected]

Donate to our Trolley Fund.


You may make

a general donation or 

sponsor individuals/

families in crisis. 




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