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The call to love the sojourners as ourselves and to not love in word or tongue but in deed and truth greatly touched our hearts. Which became the foundation and the name “Operation Honour” was born.

We reach out to our migrant friends in the neighbourhood every Thursday evening, providing food, household items and clothes for them. 

Besides our weekly food distribution, Operation Honour organises family dinners for each nationality to celebrate this Second Home. These are moments where we are able to sit down and engage in deeper conversations over food. We praise God for His continual provisions and the opportunities to share His love tangibly with our migrant friends.




Operation Honour started as a spontaneous, ground-up initiative during the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020. When the pandemic hit and the country including the dormitories were under lockdown, several friends of Mercy Centre were concerned about the staff and students and enquired if they could bless our neighbours - mainly the migrant workers in the vicinity - and us with some food. 


Thanks to their generosity, we started receiving various food items, including 25-kg bags of rice and oats, 2,000 eggs, bags of garlic, cartons of instant noodles, packets of nuts, frozen roti prata, bacon, prawns, and fish. We began opening our doors weekly to distribute the donated food to the migrant workers in the neighborhood.

Initially, 20 to 30 workers showed up, and soon the numbers multiplied to 60 to 70 workers. Today, approximately 250 workers come each week. Additional donors joined in to provide more food items, increasing our capacity to help.

In 2023, we moved to a bigger space at YWAM Gateway building, enabling us to accommodate more people and room to have conversations with the people coming through. We added a station to provide drinks and biscuits to more than 200 migrant friends who line up around our premises and down the street each week.


Volunteer with us:

We reach out to the migrant brothers and sisters every Thursday, 7 30pm to 9pm.


We welcome donations of food items, daily necessities, household items, and clothes.

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