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Every year, approximately 476 youths age 21 and below are found guilty of offences such as drug abuse, assault, theft and gang-related offences. They are put behind bars and undergo reformative training. 


Many of these young men and women come from broken backgrounds and pasts. 

They are not only locked within walls, but within their hearts of shame and pain.


Justice for these young people is a chance for a better future. It begins inside the prison, where restoration and healing can take place. 



We conduct programs in the prison weekly. Each program comprises of 6 sessions that focus on developing strong character and values in each individual. This helps them realise their self-worth and potential, empowering them to face the future. 


1. Restoring Beauty (Women's Prison) & Man Up (Men's Prison) 

2. iDiscover Me

– character development (personality profiling, life stories / testimonies,

   empowering and affirmation, time of small group and heart to heart sharing)

3. Commit to Change 


We also provide life coaching and after care for some of the boys who have been released:

- linking them up to half-way houses

- working with their integration officers

- connecting them with mentors that will guide them emotionally and spiritually 




Years ago, Ms E was invited to run a programme in the male prison. The program focused on developing the character of young inmates, through the sharing of lives and experiences. 


Upon their release from prison, Ms E was given an opportunity to mentor some of these boys. Albert (not his real name) was one of them. He has since completed his National Service, completed his O Levels and kept out of the criminal system! He is now working part-time and making plans for what he can achieve in the future. 

Ms E realised how many of these boys are like 'sons' that have been entrusted to her. She found a passion and strong hope for these boys - to see them have the freedom and courage to 'dream' for their future. She saw how important it was to have others come alongside them to champion them on their journey. 


She desires to build life-long, loving relationships with these boys in prison - showing them the value and goodness they have as individuals to empower them to face the future. 




​Volunteer as a program teacher

and facilitator.


either on Tues/Wed, 

for 6 weeks)



Volunteer as a

mentor if you have a desire to journey with and nurture the boys, especially upon

their release.

Support our work; we are looking for: 


- Companies willing        to hire ex-offenders      for short-term jobs

   or shadow placement    internships.


- Companies providing    skills training/

   upgrading programs.


Donate to finance the

prison programmes.

(For each class of 15 youth, we require

approx $20/youth)



Donate to our after-care program for needy boys that require short-term financial assistance or housing upon release before they are able to stand on their own feet. 



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